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Make it stop..... [29 Aug 2005|12:04am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

well it seems i will never keep up with this journal, but rather just do random updates telling about what i can remember in the recent days leading up to it.

so i've seen a few movies since the last time i was on here. one good and one not so good. 40 year old virgin is prolly one of the funniest movies i have seen in quite some time. just a funny story and a whole lot of funny lines. "do you know how i know you are gay? because your car has a sticker on it that says i like when guys put their balls in my face." nuff said. the brother grimm however was not good. it sounded like a cool idea to bring bedtime stories to life, however, it really just didnt work out that well. and nevermind the row of teenage kids in the row behind us that had to talk during the ENTIRE movie. i really didnt know people had to have every single scene explained to them while the movie was acutally going on, but these girls for some reason had to. and nevermind the guy that answered his freaking phone during the movie and gave a little play by play before hanging up.

so i havent been to the comic shop in almost a month but i finally made it back this past friday. my file was overflowing with house of M crap and some other various stuff. i didnt get to get much, but what i did get was rather good. and i learned that i need to actually look through comics before i buy them. stupid variant covers. i really needed both covers to the last issue in the sacrifice storyline. i guess i loves me some wonder woman that much.

friday i ventured out to dave and busters with amy. i think i had been there only a few times since the place opened, but i must say its a cool place to go every once in a while. it was kind of weird to see mike desire wearing a suit and being a doorman. and i really dont think he had to laugh at me when i almost killed myself running to the car in the rain. thats what i get for being a gentleman. but i did get to play a bunch of video games and some skee ball. we had enough tickets to get a shot glass each, so i'm guessing i have something new to collect.

i turned the big 28 a few weeks back as well. i got an ipod so i'm gonna hafta figure out a way to download as much music onto it as possible.

i think thats really about all i can think of right now to talk about. but in closing the new president of UC really needs to die. the coach who rebuilt the schools basketball team into a national contender every year doesnt fit the image of the school? give me a freaking break.

next time there will be a top ten list of some sort i promise.

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its a clip show [10 Aug 2005|01:18am]
[ mood | tired ]

instead of talking about one specific event that has happened since i made this stupid journal many moons ago, i thought i'd just recap the things i have done. in no particular order....

-went to a lot of wrestling shows
-saw alot of movies
-bought a lot of comics, dvds, cds, video games, and other misc. stuff i dont need or cant afford
-met bruce campbell
-i was in a wedding.....in a tux.....with no hat......and it was a million degrees. there are pictures to actually prove this
-bought wak + in a charity auction and took them to watch the ppv and then to the nudie bar. i mean c'mon what else do you do with wak +?
-went to my high school reunion where i broke my elbow in a drunken evil kenevil imitation
-looked for a grown up job with little success
-thouroughly enjoyed the dukes of hazzard movie. i mean if you look at it as totally different from the show, and forget you ever saw the show it is acutally enjoyable
-updated this journal.

there is plenty more to tell and i'm sure i left out alot. more updates will come and i'm sure i can come up with cooler lists to end each update with, but for now i'm outro.

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[05 Mar 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

wow this is so much better than xanga. hooray for a new journal.

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